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Thanks for visiting. My name is Sean Cook, and I am a Career Coach, Writer, and Educator.

Born and raised in Clemson, SC, I have spent virtually my whole life living in college towns. I love helping people find their purpose, and connect it to their life and career directions.

I attended Clemson University for my Bachelor of Arts in Political Science (1991) and Master of Education in Counseling and Guidance Services (1994). During college, I was a Peer Health Educator, Resident Assistant, and Orientation Ambassador. In graduate school, I held an assistantship with Health Education, and completed practica in First Year Programs and Student Media.

Following graduation from my M.Ed.program, I spent one academic year working in Residential Education at Belmont Abbey College, and 14 working in a variety of roles at the Pennsylvania State University (Penn State), including 12 in different Residence Life roles, and two years working in Student and Corporate Services for the Smeal College of Business Administration.

In 2009, I left Penn State to start my coaching practice, and moved to Athens, Georgia, to be closer to extended family in South Carolina and Florida. My original coaching focus was on working with college students and their parents around college transition issues, and with early-to-mid-career higher education professionals around career issues. During that time, I published two different websites. Higher Ed Life Coach and Higher Ed Career Coach. After finding more business in the career coaching area for educators, I sidelined Higher Ed Life Coach, and worked to develop the Higher Ed Career Coach brand. After building a niche audience through the website and an accompanying podcast on BlogTalkRadio, I was invited to guest post on different national blogs, and to become a regular contributor to Technorati.

Over the years, my coaching interests have changed. I still serve educators at all levels, and have an affinity for working with early-to-mid-career professionals in Student Affairs. But I have been lucky to work with mid-to-upper-level educators, information technology professionals, sales and business development professionals, non-profit executives, community development professionals, artists, musicians, and film producers/directors.

In 2015, I returned to academia part-time, as an Academic Advisor for pre-business students in the Franklin College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Georgia. I left this position in February 2016, as it wasn’t a good fit for where I am currently am in my life and career. I enjoyed my time there, and wish them well.

As I plan my next steps, I continue to work with clients, and am looking forward to re-vitalizing the Higher Ed Career Coach blog and podcast, and to develop some short courses and workshops for my clients, as well as persons interested in coaching for educators or becoming a coach that serves educators.

For more information on my coaching services and programs, visit my coaching page.

If you work in higher education and are job searching or planning your career development, please visit Higher Ed Career Coach.